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Ibiza Spirit

The Liquid Spirit of Ibiza

ORO IBIZA is a gin made for Ibiza lovers, puristic and full of dedication to the island. “The Spirit of Ibiza” is designed for the free spirit of the hippie movement who moved to the island in the 60s, when colourful party people discovered the former pirate island. Nowadays, the best DJs in the world can be found here every summer. The unmistakable Ibiza sound plays in all the beach bars, and of course the ORO IBIZA with tonic is part of the vibe, because here, in Ses Salines, at Cap des Falco, in Cala Jondal, between sand, juniper trees, salt and sea, ORO IBIZA, the Liquid Spirit of Ibiza, was born.

Our Recommendation:

40ml ORO IBIZA in a cocktail glass with ice, a slice of lemon, tonic of choice, decorated with some juniper berries or a small piece of carob.


According to the Phoenicians, the ferrous red earth of Ibiza is magical. Nothing that harms humans, grows here. Juniper trees, lemon and orange trees, chamomile, elderflowers and carob flourish under the legendary Ibicencan sun. Some of them on the rugged cliffs of Cala Albarca, some in the salty air by Ses Salines or in the calm forests of San Mateo, which smell of rosemary and aniseed. We use twelve organic Botanicals, almost all of which are said to have healing effects, including ginger, galangal, angelica root and cinnamon — a major reason why ORO IBIZA should be the gin of choice.


The distinctive feature of ORO IBIZA is the use of Algarrobo, the Ibicencan carob or St. John’s bread, for refining. Its dried dark brown pods smell like bitter coffee and sweet cocoa all at once, and are used amongst other things to produce chocolate. According to legend, John the Baptist fed himself on this wonderful, nutrient-rich and non-perishable fruit, when he spent his forty days in the desert. Its equally heavy seeds on the other hand, were used as a unit of measurement as far back as antiquity, according to popular legend. The word carat comes from this fruit, derived from the Arabic al-carob, al-carobo, al-garobo. To date, gold is measured in carats — hence the name ORO IBIZA.





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